Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes I forget to breath

Busyness. Sometimes I feel like my life is going by me in a blur and I don't have time to think, let alone process what is going on around me. Is it really the middle of August already? I thought I better do an update of said life before it all becomes old news.

I have enrolled in school again. Forever the perpetual student I will be attending classes for a Graphic Design degree. I was never really interested in it in college, not to mention our program got overhauled half way through. I regret not pursuing it, thinking that I wouldn't use it. I see now it would be a great way to be creative in a work enviroment, which is exactly what I am pursuing for my next career change. Don't get my wrong, I love my job now, it allows me to physically help people with out having to deal with the unpleasant things of blood and guts, that nurses have to, but I know this job has a shelf life and I can already feel it taking a toll on my body. No twenty seven year old should creak and crack like I do already.

It's mostly being creative that I want. I feel this need to make things and try things because I have not had a space/time to do my art. Silkscreening is messy and needs a lot of space, and I have a manual camera and it's becoming harder and harder to find places that still develop film.

I am both excited and nervous to be going back to school in a more traditional sense again. It seems like both just yesterday and forever ago that I graduated college. I know that if I wait any longer though, I won't go. I am becoming very complacent in my job and circumstances.

We recently (well as recent as a month and a half ago) moved to Grandview. It's not far from where we used to live (German Village), so we are just as close if not closer to downtown, Short North, and work. We are closer to most of our friends and tons of shops and restaurants. I love it here. Grandview is an urban suburb. We are still in the city and still close to everything, but we are no longer near a ghetto and don't have to worry as much about our cars getting broken into (it happend four times in German Village), not to mention there is a Jeni's Ice cream a short ten minute walk from our house. I always thought that I would be sad leaving German Village since that is the only area I have lived in since moving to Columbus four years ago, but I have have fallen head over heels in love with our new area of town.

Believe it or not, we got a dog. Her name is Bulleit (Named after the bourbon) and she is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix. I never thought I would ever get a dog, mostly because they are work and a lot of responsibility, but here we are and I wouldn't give her up for the world

Other things I am super excited for

The new cd by Jenny (Lewis) and Johnny

Jimmy Eat World @ the Newport on Oct Tenth

Halloween: Not sure if I am going to go as Snooki or Lady Gaga in Telephone

A possible December trip to New Orleans

Lisa's Wedding in September

Monday, April 26, 2010

Here we go again.

I am really bad at updating.

So what's new?

-I have started running

-I have started sewing again

-We have started looking for a new apartment. (We got the one we wanted rented from underneath us by an hour)

-I have decided to go back to school (again)

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Fascination

Every year my company has a party to give out awards and just kind of get all the salons together in one place and recently started doing fashions shows as well. This year to change it up they gave us a challenge, the Project Penzone challenge. They gave us a LBD and let us do what we wanted. Every salon picked a theme and created looks based around that theme. Polaris' theme was Vegas and I created two dress for the show.

This was the bride outfit I made. The bottom is tulle and the rest are all white feathers with a ribbon to give the dress some structure.

This is the Casino themed dress. The entire bottom is made out of playing cards which by the way are not easy to work with. We ended up having to cut her out of the dress by the end of them night

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a sad day

A great mind in fashion died today. I hope he finds the peace in the after life that he couldn't find on earth

Alexander McQueen

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tim Tebow, Roevy, and Awesome Last Names

This will probably be one of the most random posts every

1. 2. 3. Go

Tim Tebow:

How do I feel about abortion? A bit of a heavy handed question to start out a blog post on a Sunday afternoon. I both agree and disagree with it. One thing is for sure I absolutely think that it should be legal. The Government has no right in telling anyone what they can and can not do with their own body. Not to mention the repercussions that if made illegal our country would face with teen deaths in botched back ally abortions or the huge rise in demand for social programs. I do think that sometimes abortion is seen as the easy option which is where my uneasiness with it comes from. Instead of being responsible and using protection, some women use abortion as their anti-pregnancy plan. Which I can't imagine, in the long run, could be very good for that woman's body, but the one thing that makes me a staunch pro-choicer is that if I was in the position that so many young women face today with unwanted pregnancy, I honestly don't know if I would choose to keep it.
As I get older and am now in a very serious relationship I know that I would more likely than not, keep the baby. I can't say that I felt that way a couple years ago or even a year ago. I am so unsure of what I would do hypothetically, how could I ever judge someone who had to face this gut wrenching choice in real life?
Now, how does Tim Tebow fit in to this discussion. I am sure most of you who read this know since you are all very informed people. In case you don't, the short version is due to lack in sales for Superbowl commercials, for the first time CBS is allowing advocacy commercials to air. Family First is showing an anti-abortion ad with Tim Tebow talking about how he is happy that his mother didn't abort him. While I am all about people having freedom of speech and I am fine with people who disagree with abortion, here is my one problem with this commercial. Tim Tebow does not have a vagina.
I do think that if a man is in a situation with a women where there is a unwanted pregnancy that he should have a say in what happens to "his" child, but I do not think that a man has a right to make a blanket statement about something he will never personally have to face. When I say personally have to face, I am speaking in terms of being pregnant and/or having an abortion. So in conclusion

Dear Family First,

If you want to make an impact on those who might choose abortion, use a spokesperson who has the ability or had the ability to become pregnant.



Next on the Agenda: RoeVy

Columbus is a huge hipster city. It still makes me giggle sometimes to think how in Bluffton, I was the "odd" one but now in Columbus, I am pretty standard comparatively. In Columbus there are these dance parties for those of us slightly off-beat people who love to dance but hate to be inappropriately groped by a stranger at your local chauch bar. (Don't get me wrong though I do love me a chauch bar every once in a while, just not the groping part). These dance parties are monthly at different bars but you can usually find one every weekend if you know where to look. The one thing I love about this parties (beside drunken party dancing which is a good workout which assuages my guilt about the amount of alcohol calories I am ingesting) is RoeVy. They are a two man DJ group who are just amazing.

Everyone should check them out!

Finally Awesome Last Names:

Our friends are all getting married. So between planning our own weddings and being in/attending others, talk of switching last names has come up a lot. When I was younger, I was hell bent on changing my last name. I used to hate it, it's long and complicated and never pronoucned correctly (Even at my college graduation). As I have aged I have learn to love the uniqueness of my last name. My family are the only Siebanollers, who spells their names that way, although as I found out this summer, is the incorrect way.
Now the fact that I will soon have to make a decision about what to do with my name, I am not so sure I am willing to get rid of it. My friend Erin recently married and just added her husbands name as a second last name (Erin Clevenger Painter). She said this makes things easy because since she is still retaining her maiden name she didn't really have to go and change anything (bills, documents, etc). She didn't hyphenate because then she would have to change all the usual things you would if she just had completed changed her last name to Painter.
While talking to our friends Pat and Ali who are to be married in April, Pat made a comment about taking Ali's last name as a little jab to his paternal side of the family. Ali had some reservations about this for the same reasons I have reservations about not changing my name at all. Which is the idea that if we don't change our names, even if just by adding our soon to be husbands, then it will always be assumed that we are not married and makes things a little confusing when we decide to have children.
So I suggested creating a whole new last name. The more I think about it, the better this idea seems. Not only to we get to define our relationship by our terms of creating a new last name, but we could have a really badass name as well! For example; The Bonecrushers! Just imagine, "table for two Bonecrusher table for two."! My friend Erin suggested the name Dethmachine (spelled the metal way of course) and then giving our children the middle name of "the".

ex Evangeline The Dethmachine.

You really can't get any more badass/metal than that. I really like this idea for more than just the kitsch value of it. The idea that we are starting a new family unit together, that we don't have to choose that one person's last name is more important than the other and creating an equal partnership by creating a new one.

Now I don't think there is anything wrong with someone taking their husbands last name. Some people may feel like I did before about their last names and can't wait to get rid of it. I also feel under most circumstances there needs to be some sort of change to acknowledge that as a couple you have married. except for say someone who has made a name for themselves with their maiden name (author, celebrity, ect). Since there is always the social stigma that if a women has her maiden name then she is not married and this sometimes leads to some confusion when children are involved. A friend of mine has expressed some concern about when she gets married she wasn't sure about the last name situation since her child has her last name (maiden) and she couldn't change her child's last name without consent from the father who is now a active part of the child's life.

I have a while to decide but the more I think about it, the better the idea seems. Who knows come next year I could be the new Mrs. Dethmachine.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ta da! At your request, a picture of the ring! Sorry it's such a horrible picture. I recently broke my camera so am left with the crappy camera phone.

The following photos are the dress I am considering to use for my wedding dress, that way I can spend the dress money on shoes! I think my mom got a little offended that she wasn't going to make my dress. So I might just let her make it anyways.

p.s. My hair is getting crazy long

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rings and things

I am not a huge fan of bling. All I can think about when I see a huge piece of jewelry is "Wow you could have spent that money on something more practical". Expensive jewelry makes me nervous, I am a very forgetful/clumsy person and I feel like I would break it or lose it.

Case in Point,
One of my co-workers engagement rings was about 10,0000. The diamond alone was 9,000. It's a trillium cut diamond set in an family ring. So the ring wasn't really made to hold this giant diamond and one day it fell out! She luckily found it (it was sitting on her car seat), but I can't even imagine the amount of panic she must have been in when she realized it was no longer sitting on her finger.

When Travis and I first started talking marriage I told him, that he didn't have to spend a ton of money on an engagement ring. I would be happy with something vintage. To me it was more important that the ring looked like "me" and was conflict free, than the size of the diamond.

While home going through some of his stuff at his mom's house, she brings out a jewelry box and hands him her old engagement ring. Now this ring needed some major work. It was gold and once she was divorced she turned it into a mothers ring, so it had a emerald and ruby on it now but I was honored that she wanted him to have it to give it to me one day.

Before we had work done to it, I showed it to a close friend of mine. The first thing she asked me was "Are you going to get a bigger diamond?". I was very offended, the diamond is half a caret, which to me is enough, I have tiny fingers and a huge diamond would look almost comical. Then she asked "Didn't his parents get divorced? Don't you think that's weird?" Yes, his parents were divorced, or I don't think she would have given me the ring, and no I don't think that is weird. She wanted to the ring to symbolize love again, and what better way then to pass it off to someone who can make brand new memories with the ring without the stigma of what it meant before. I tried to keep in mind that the comments were coming from a person who wants a 15,000 engagement ring. To me the ring is a symbol of commitment not of status and that the size of the price tag on the ring does not equal the amount of love that person has for you. I think it's so selfish and superficial to expect that the only way a person can show you that they love you enough to marry you is by dropping a small fortune on a piece of metal and rock.

When Travis was ready he had me go to the jeweler with him and tell him what I wanted done to the ring. We did this together for two reasons. One we wanted to make sure that the ring could be dipped into white gold and two that the ring could be sized enough without compromising the integrity of the ring (The ring was a 7 and I wear a 4). Because of either of those would have been a problem, then a new ring would have to been bought. We were lucky in that neither of those were a problem. I explained to the jeweler what I wanted and then waited!

For anyone who's talking marriage I fully suggest going with your significant other to design the ring. I have heard so many stories of people who hated what their ring looked liked or it's something that is just not them and being the picky person I am I was afraid that would be me

When I finally received my ring I loved it. It's exactly what I wanted, simple and beautiful. Everyone keeps telling me it's pretty. Which to me is really not a compliment, because I know my taste are a little off-beat and I think some people just say that because they feel they have to. The best compliment I received is " That is so you", which is exactly what we were going for.